JIP 098: Bresly Frech Schipper

Bresly Frech Schipper

Bresly Frech Schipper: German Peruvian culture immersion We had the pleasure of spending 2.5 weeks with Bresly near Oxapampa, in the middle of Peru, through the website Worldpackers (a platform listing volunteering opportunities across the world). Bresly grew up in Oxapampa, a city founded by Austrian and German settlers in the 19th century. It is…

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JIP 096: Walter Espíndola

Walter Espíndola

Walter Espíndola: life in Peru & becoming an ornithologist We met Walter during our trip in Peru when we stayed with Bresly, close to Oxapampa, for a volunteering experience with Worldpackers. Walter was born in 1988 in Lima, the capital of Peru, where he also grew up. He talks to us about his childhood and education,…

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JIP 092: Special, Living a different life

Living a different life

Special: Living a different life In this special episode with just us – Rosie & Jérémie – we talk about our decision to live a different life. Why did we decide to leave Miami, a city we deeply love, where we had amazing friends, lived an incredible lifestyle where Jeremie had a well-paid job? We…

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JIP 090: Daryl Santos

Daryl Santos

Daryl Santos: Cuban childhood, coming out, modeling & entrepreneur life Daryl was Born in Cuba and spent the first 14 years of his life on the island. He shares with us his life as a child over there, going to school, connecting with nature, being at the farm, but also being a bit disconnected to…

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JIP 088: John Marshall

John Marshall

John Marshall: Emmy Awards winner now helps orphans in India John is a 9 time Emmy Awards winner who uses his creativity and storytelling skills to help orphan girls in India get an education. Here’s how it all happened. John starts off by telling us about his time as a screenwriter in Hollywood. He explains…

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JIP 087: Noe Perrin

Noe Perrin: growing up around the world, cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Noe was born in the UK, from a French mother and Spanish father and spent the first 10 years of his life in England. He then spent 4 years in Dubai, 4 years in Jamaica, then settled down (for now) in Florida, USA. Talk about…

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JIP 085: Hugo Healy

Hugo Healy

Hugo Healy: aspiring actor turns award winning drone videographer Hugo is from Brighton in the south of England and is a professional drone operator, videographer and photographer. One of his biggest achievements was being a videographer for an MTV Video Music Awards and Grammy Awards winner music video! Hugo originally wanted to go to acting school,…

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JIP 082: Florian Valette

Florian Valette

Florian Valette: network engineer living in Australia Florian is a dear friend of Jeremie who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. In 2016, he needed a new challenge in his life, and a friend of his who recently moved to Australia told him about the opportunities in this country. It didn’t take long to Florian to…

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JIP 078: Marina Banfi

Marina Banfi

Marina Banfi: traveling and connecting with the ocean In today’s episode we welcome our friend Marina. Marina grew up in Argentina (with 4 sisters including a twin sister), and was very fortunate to travel a lot during her youth with her family. This gave her a taste for traveling which became a huge part of…

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JIP 074: Danny Rodriguez

Danny Rodriguez

Danny Rodriguez: BLUE Missions In 2007, when Danny was a junior in high-school, he went to Dominican Republic to work for an organization to bring clean water to a remote community on the island. This project totally changed his life, and 3 years later in 2010, he co-founded BLUE Missions with his sister. The BLUE…

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