JIP 137: Yanti Amos

Yanti Amos

Yanti Amos: from lawyer to yoga studio owner Yanti shares her life journey with us which took her to many different corners of the world! Born in Australia with Indonesian parents, Yanti grew up looking different from others and – still to this day – had to answer how she could speak such fluent English…

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JIP 136: Rebecca Alexander

Rebecca Alexander

Rebecca Alexander: crushing life with Usher Syndrome Rebecca is an author (Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found), psychotherapist, public speaker (including a TedTalk), group fitness instructor, extreme athlete and disability right advocate… yes, all of that! She also has a genetic disorder called Usher Syndrome type 3, which causes her to…

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JIP 133: Erin Opfell

Erin Opfell

Erin Opfell: my male to female transition story After going viral on LinkedIn thanks to a post about her transition, Erin comes on the show to tell us about her story. As she told us, she always wanted to be a girl, she dreamed about it. However, she was born as a boy in a…

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JIP 116: Emilía Garth

Emilía Garth: living a authentic life through music Emilía is a very talented singer, songwriter, but also yoga teacher, meditation facilitator & much more. As she tells us, the more facets a diamond has, the more value it holds… the same can be said for human beings… being a multifaceted person is not a bad…

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JIP 114: Special, 1 year of becoming digital nomads

Special: 1 year of entrepreneurship & nomadism On May 1st 2021, we left Miami, our jobs, our friends and most of our belongings to start a new chapter of our lives: becoming digital nomads to travel the world while working on our online projects/businesses. We worked hard to save enough money to be able to…

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JIP 109: Rodrigo Souza

Rodrigo Souza

Rodrigo Souza: adapting to life in a wheelchair Rodrigo was born and raised in Brazil by a free-spirited mother. From a young age, core values such as gratitude and kindness were taught to him along with a sense of curiosity and adventure due to many house moves. At 22 years-old, Rodrigo decided he wanted to…

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JIP 107: Kirill Ignatieff

Kirill Ignatieff

Kirill Ignatieff: bridging the gap between Technology & Spirituality Kirill is a super interesting guy with an amazing mindset and high-level of awareness, which was clear throughout the whole conversation. Kirill was born in Belarus and grew up with good education but experienced the effects of the Cold War including rationed foods. It was during…

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JIP 103: Oliver Collinson

Oliver Collinson

Oliver Collinson: focusing on what makes you happy In today’s episode we welcome Oliver, aka Olly aka Rosie’s little brother! We kick off the conversation talking about his childhood, and how growing up with a lot of freedom and values such as “do what makes you happy” from a young age impacted his mindset and…

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JIP 102: Lorraine Kyriazis

Lorraine Kyriazis

Lorraine Kyriazis: taking risks to live a fulfilled life Lorraine’s life has been a rollercoaster! She grew up in a working class family in Manchester, England. When she was 19 years old, she met the man who would become her first husband and a few years later moved to Malaysia with him. She created 2…

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JIP 101: Ricardo Lima

Ricardo Lima, Riq Lima

Ricardo Lima: Worldpackers, volunteer around the world Imagine traveling around the world and living with locals for free in exchange of a few hours of your time. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, this is possible thanks to Worldpackers.com. Ricardo is from Brazil around 2010 was having a very successful career in finance. Successful from a…

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