JIP 026: Miranda Shines

Miranda Shines

Miranda Shines: conscious rapper ready to shine after in a tough childhood Miranda is a super talented human being: she is a conscious rap artist, fire bender, yoga teacher, actress, singer, dancer & model! She will soon be releasing her very first album, Reborn. But before living a fulfilled life in Miami, Miranda had to…

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JIP 019: Liz Gonzalez

Liz Gonzalez

Liz Gonzalez: queer badass video producer, ready to shine Liz is an openly gay Cuban American woman, a wonderful friend and a freaking badass video producer in Miami working with people like Jennifer Lopez! She talks us through her journey from a small town in Georgia to becoming who she is today. She shares the…

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JIP 018: Jose Brooks

Jose Brooks

Jose Brooks: Inspire, Motivate, Impact… and dance Jose – pronounce Joh-see – is like “the first taste of cotton candy”. He is so sweet and gentle and such an inspiration. In this episode, he talks to us about his journey as a dancer, from competitions & studios to now dancing on beautiful cruise ships. He…

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JIP 012: Sam Lister

Sam Lister

Sam Lister: 20 years-old, entrepreneur and ready to make an impact Sam decided to not go to college and started to document his journey into entrepreneurship at 18 years-old. A few months later, he created his own digital marketing company. Sam is driven by passion & connections. His ultimate goal is to create his own…

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JIP 003: Kara Baruzzini

Kara Baruzzini

Kara Baruzzini: The Human Connection Experience In this episode we talk to Kara who guides Human Connection Experiences where guests take part in group activities like eye gazing, touch and words of affirmation, along with other playful activities. Kara explains the importance of childlike behavior, creating genuine connections with people and how this all began.…

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JIP 002: Carlos Rubio

Carlos Rubio

Carlos Rubio: dance, self-expression, vulnerability & creativity In today’s episode, we welcome our dear friend Carlos aka Carlos Delaplaya. Amongst other things, Carlos is a content creator, an amazing dancer, and a life coach. Together we talk about creativity, vulnerability and other subjects. He opens up about his journey with self-expression and how his love…

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