JIP 134: Margi Marchetti

Margi Marchetti

Margi Marchetti: exploring gender identity as a non-binary person Margi is – among other things – a non binary person who talks to us about their experience with exploring their gender identity, coming out, how important language & pronouns are to them, ways that cis straight people can be allies to the Queer community, and…

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JIP 126: Jordan Stanley

Jordan Stanley: his experience with first stage psychosis Content warning – this episode discusses suicidal feelings If the last couple of years taught us something, it’s that mental health affects all of us. In this episode, Jordan opens up about the mental health challenges he has been facing recently. A few years ago, Jordan started to…

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JIP 125: Gina Knight

Gina Knight: her life with alopecia Gina Atinuke Knight is a British entrepreneur, model, content creator and alopecia advocate. After years of working in the beauty & hair industry, she discovered she had a form of alopecia, CCCA (Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia). But before talking about that in detail, Gina starts by sharing about her…

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JIP 123: Eddie Marti Kring

Eddie Marti Kring: what LGBTQIA+ advocacy really means Eddie is dedicating his life as an activist to defend the people’s rights. To close this month of June & Pride month, we are very happy to have Eddie on the show to talk in detail about his personal experiences as a gay man and the challenges…

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JIP 116: Emilía Garth

Emilía Garth: living a authentic life through music Emilía is a very talented singer, songwriter, but also yoga teacher, meditation facilitator & much more. As she tells us, the more facets a diamond has, the more value it holds… the same can be said for human beings… being a multifaceted person is not a bad…

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JIP 115: Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

Danié Gómez-Ortigoza: journey of a braid Danié is a Mexican artist currently living in Texas who shares with us the reasons she braids other people’s hair and creates art around this simple practice. It all started as a child when her nanny would braid her hair for special occasions. Since then, she has continued to…

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JIP 105: Carlos DelaPlaya

Carlos DelaPlaya, Carlos Rubio

Carlos DelaPlaya: how to love your authentic self We are happy to welcome Carlos on the show once again. If you missed our first conversation with him, you can check it out here: https://justinterestingpeople.com/jip-002-carlos-rubio In this episode, we dive into Carlos’ journey on living a true authentic life. Carlos has spent an incredible amount of…

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JIP 094: Tara Rahmani

Tara Rahmani

Tara Rahmani: navigating life & demystifying the word FAT Tara is a young woman trying to figure out life. We start this episode talking about the important life decisions we are faced with in our late teen years and early twenties, that will have a huge impact later on in life. Tara went to college…

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JIP 080: Gabrielle Demmer

Gabrielle Demmer

Gabrielle Demmer: the importance of being your true self Demmer was born and raised in Miami, Florida and tells us about how belly dancing and Flamenco dancing from the age of 3 gave her self confidence to perform on stage but also how to be comfortable within her own body. She talks to us about…

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JIP 072: Séfora Chavarria

Sefora Chavarria

Séfora Chavarria: exploring nature as a child & designing tropical landscapes When we met Séfora for the 1st time, she was dressed as a fairy. So we start today’s episode with talking about self-expressing, the importance of being your authentic self and breaking the societal norms. Séfora then shares with us about growing up in…

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