JIP 137: Yanti Amos

Yanti Amos

Yanti Amos: from lawyer to yoga studio owner Yanti shares her life journey with us which took her to many different corners of the world! Born in Australia with Indonesian parents, Yanti grew up looking different from others and – still to this day – had to answer how she could speak such fluent English…

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JIP 136: Rebecca Alexander

Rebecca Alexander

Rebecca Alexander: crushing life with Usher Syndrome Rebecca is an author (Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found), psychotherapist, public speaker (including a TedTalk), group fitness instructor, extreme athlete and disability right advocate… yes, all of that! She also has a genetic disorder called Usher Syndrome type 3, which causes her to…

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JIP 134: Margi Marchetti

Margi Marchetti

Margi Marchetti: exploring gender identity as a non-binary person Margi is – among other things – a non binary person who talks to us about their experience with exploring their gender identity, coming out, how important language & pronouns are to them, ways that cis straight people can be allies to the Queer community, and…

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JIP 133: Erin Opfell

Erin Opfell

Erin Opfell: my male to female transition story After going viral on LinkedIn thanks to a post about her transition, Erin comes on the show to tell us about her story. As she told us, she always wanted to be a girl, she dreamed about it. However, she was born as a boy in a…

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JIP 129: Agnes Fischer

Agnes Fischer: a fertility story through IVF & egg freezing Agnes – the author of Eggs Unscrambled – talks to us about her fertility journey through egg freezing & IVF. As most woman in a marriage, Agnes tried to get pregnant earlier in her life. However, things didn’t turn out as expected and she ended…

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JIP 126: Jordan Stanley

Jordan Stanley: his experience with first stage psychosis Content warning – this episode discusses suicidal feelings If the last couple of years taught us something, it’s that mental health affects all of us. In this episode, Jordan opens up about the mental health challenges he has been facing recently. A few years ago, Jordan started to…

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JIP 123: Eddie Marti Kring

Eddie Marti Kring: what LGBTQIA+ advocacy really means Eddie is dedicating his life as an activist to defend the people’s rights. To close this month of June & Pride month, we are very happy to have Eddie on the show to talk in detail about his personal experiences as a gay man and the challenges…

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JIP 120: Matthew Koman

Matthew Koman: finding balance through sports & helping others Matt is a professional athlete who plays for the USA Beach Handball Team and is also a holistic coach. Matt’s life has always been very “sport-centric”, growing up with athlete parents and playing baseball, basketball & (American) football himself. Matt is a very talented athlete, with…

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JIP 116: Emilía Garth

Emilía Garth: living a authentic life through music Emilía is a very talented singer, songwriter, but also yoga teacher, meditation facilitator & much more. As she tells us, the more facets a diamond has, the more value it holds… the same can be said for human beings… being a multifaceted person is not a bad…

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JIP 113: Tyler Schmitt

Tyler Schmitt

Tyler Schmitt: the power of saying yes and showing up Tyler, 30 years-old, is the General Manager of ONE37pm, a digital media brand creating content about culture, style, music, and sports, all through the lens of entrepreneurship. Before that, Tyler worked for VaynerMedia as, among other positions, community manager, assistant to AJ Vaynerchuk then Gary…

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