JIP 100: Alvey Thompson

Alvey Thompson, You Can 2: Life Lessons From My Mom's Untimely Death

Alvey Thompson: dive into the You Can 2 book For the 100th episode, we are bringing back our very first guest, Alvey Thompson. Alvey published his first book at the end of 2021, “You Can 2: Life Lessons From My Mom’s Untimely Death” and we are extremely happy to have him back on the show…

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JIP 099: Joanie Sharon

Joanie Sharon

Joanie Sharon: life in the military as a gay woman Joanie was born in Louisiana and was expected to follow the plan her family had for her: graduate from college, find a man, get married, buy a house, have children and be a good housewife. However Joanie had other dreams… far from the environment she…

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JIP 095: Lauren Wynn

Lauren Wynn

Lauren Wynn: IVF pregnancy after 8 miscarriages In 2016, Lauren and her husband EJ were pregnant for the first time. As most young couples who are trying to have their first child, they were full of joy and extremely excited. A few weeks later, Lauren went for an ultrasound and that’s when she heard for…

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JIP 094: Tara Rahmani

Tara Rahmani

Tara Rahmani: navigating life & demystifying the word FAT Tara is a young woman trying to figure out life. We start this episode talking about the important life decisions we are faced with in our late teen years and early twenties, that will have a huge impact later on in life. Tara went to college…

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JIP 093: Yuliana Kim-Grant

Yuliana Kim-Grant

Yuliana Kim-Grant: immigration, racism & depression Yuliana was born in South Korea but grew up in the United States as her parents decided to move there when she was a child in the hopes to live a better life. She takes us on a journey from South Korea to LA through Philadelphia and more. Passionate…

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JIP 092: Special, Living a different life

Living a different life

Special: Living a different life In this special episode with just us – Rosie & Jérémie – we talk about our decision to live a different life. Why did we decide to leave Miami, a city we deeply love, where we had amazing friends, lived an incredible lifestyle where Jeremie had a well-paid job? We…

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JIP 090: Daryl Santos

Daryl Santos

Daryl Santos: Cuban childhood, coming out, modeling & entrepreneur life Daryl was Born in Cuba and spent the first 14 years of his life on the island. He shares with us his life as a child over there, going to school, connecting with nature, being at the farm, but also being a bit disconnected to…

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JIP 089: Millicent Huser

Millicent Huser

Millicent Huser: helping others live their dream lives Milli was one of Jeremie’s coaches when he did Gratitude Training, a self-development program. Milli had a chaotic childhood as her mom suffered from mental illnesses and her brother was a sociopath. She had to adjust and adapt in order to survive in her household. This led…

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JIP 088: John Marshall

John Marshall

John Marshall: Emmy Awards winner now helps orphans in India John is a 9 time Emmy Awards winner who uses his creativity and storytelling skills to help orphan girls in India get an education. Here’s how it all happened. John starts off by telling us about his time as a screenwriter in Hollywood. He explains…

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JIP 083: Nelson Rodriguez

Nelson Rodriguez

Nelson Rodriguez: poor Cuban upbringing turns into rich ambition Nelson starts off by talking to us about his relationship with money. We talk about his experience growing up without a lot of money and how that upbringing made him want to have more money as an adult. He tells us that money is not a…

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