JIP 127: Thomas Constant

Thomas Constant

Thomas Constant: is eating insects the future of food? Thomas has the ambition to revolutionize the pet food industry by offering an alternative, sustainable solution to feed your pets: home grown bugs! Thomas is the founder of The Bug Factory. They offer a kit which allows you to create your self-sustainable source of protein for…

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JIP 098: Bresly Frech Schipper

Bresly Frech Schipper

Bresly Frech Schipper: German Peruvian culture immersion We had the pleasure of spending 2.5 weeks with Bresly near Oxapampa, in the middle of Peru, through the website Worldpackers (a platform listing volunteering opportunities across the world). Bresly grew up in Oxapampa, a city founded by Austrian and German settlers in the 19th century. It is…

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JIP 096: Walter Espíndola

Walter Espíndola

Walter Espíndola: life in Peru & becoming an ornithologist We met Walter during our trip in Peru when we stayed with Bresly, close to Oxapampa, for a volunteering experience with Worldpackers. Walter was born in 1988 in Lima, the capital of Peru, where he also grew up. He talks to us about his childhood and education,…

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JIP 078: Marina Banfi

Marina Banfi

Marina Banfi: traveling and connecting with the ocean In today’s episode we welcome our friend Marina. Marina grew up in Argentina (with 4 sisters including a twin sister), and was very fortunate to travel a lot during her youth with her family. This gave her a taste for traveling which became a huge part of…

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JIP 075: Caiti Waks

Caiti Waks

Caiti Waks: Debris Free Oceans Caiti is the co-founder of Debris Free Oceans, a non-profit organization based in Miami fighting plastic pollution. Caiti always had a special attachement to the ocean and environment. But in middle school she read a book that changed her life forever (listen to the episode to find out which book…

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JIP 074: Danny Rodriguez

Danny Rodriguez

Danny Rodriguez: BLUE Missions In 2007, when Danny was a junior in high-school, he went to Dominican Republic to work for an organization to bring clean water to a remote community on the island. This project totally changed his life, and 3 years later in 2010, he co-founded BLUE Missions with his sister. The BLUE…

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JIP 044: Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy

Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy

Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy: cleaning Mount Everest Marion was born in France, but in a sense, her heart & soul belongs to Tibet. At 16 years old she went to India. This trip totally changed her life & she decided to go back a couple of years later to join a Buddhist monastery where she spent 4…

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JIP 017: Jessica Pate

Jessica Pate

Jessica Pate: a dive into Manta rays & marine biology Jessica is a marine biologist specializing in Manta rays in Florida. She talks to us about the struggles of working in research & environment, the best bits of her job and she also gives us some great information about the beautiful & majestic Manta rays…

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