JIP 067: Julian Castro

Julian Castro

Julian Castro: quitting the “American Dream” to pursue creativity Julian grew up with a very creative childhood, always playing and creating. But his Portuguese parents were immigrants from Mozambique, and like most immigrant parents, raised him to work hard, go to college and “succeed”. They wanted him to live the “American Dream” that so many…

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JIP 066: Daniel Quintana

Daniel Quintana

Daniel Quintana: social entrepreneur, traveler and photographer Daniel, born and raised in Miami, always loved travel. As a student, he decided to head to Asia to step outside of his comfort zone & discover a new culture. He ended up finding a job in China and stayed in the area for a few years, traveling…

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JIP 059: Santiago Borja

Santiago Borja

Santiago Borja: The Storm Pilot Santiago is a pilot from Ecuador for an airline company. Over the years, he developed a passion for photography. At some point, Santiago decided to try to take some photographs of the sky, and especially storms while he was flying (not when he is in a driver seat obviously). He…

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JIP 057: Demas Rusli

Demas Rusli

Demas Rusli: visual creator mixing his love for architecture & photography Demas is a well-known photographer & designer who was born in Indonesia but moved to Sydney, Australia as a young boy and still lives there to this day! Although he lives in one of the world’s most iconic cities, he travels all over the…

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JIP 054: Sue Marinello

Sue Marinello

Sue Marinello: producer, artist, super mom & art healer Sue has experienced so much in her life. She grew up in a very religious Mormon family where she had strict rules to abide by and not much freedom or self-expression. In her teenage years, she started photography as a hobby which turned into art therapy…

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JIP 051: Katie Oxenhorn

Katie Oxenhorn

Katie Oxenhorn: female DJ opening up about life with dermatomyositis Katie is a Miami based DJ who has such an inspiring back story to tell. From looking at her, you would have no idea that she struggled with a health problem from when she was a teenager all throughout her life and has only just…

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JIP 049: Lawrence Mansell

Lawrence Mansell

Lawrence Mansell: leaving everything behind to pursue a dream life Lawrence’s life was going as planned… he went to college, started his own business, worked hard for years… he was checking all the boxes. But he wasn’t happy. He eventually found the courage to say stop. He sold his company and used some of the…

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JIP 048: Rich McCor aka Paperboyo

Rich McCor Paperboyo

Rich McCor: Paperboyo You might not know who Rich McCor is… but the name Paperboyo might ring a bell. You might even be following him on Instagram already! Rich is “Instagram famous” and has amassed nearly half a million followers on the platform. He is recognized for his photographs using paper cut-outs. He takes photographs…

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JIP 030: Elena Buenrostro

Elena Buenrostro

Elena Buenrostro: on a mission to empower women with drone technology Elena is the founder of Women Who Drone which is a community of women drone pilots all around the world. She talks to us about her career in the TV industry as a producer and how she turned her passion for drone photography into…

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JIP 026: Miranda Shines

Miranda Shines

Miranda Shines: conscious rapper ready to shine after in a tough childhood Miranda is a super talented human being: she is a conscious rap artist, fire bender, yoga teacher, actress, singer, dancer & model! She will soon be releasing her very first album, Reborn. But before living a fulfilled life in Miami, Miranda had to…

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