JIP 093: Yuliana Kim-Grant

Yuliana Kim-Grant

Yuliana Kim-Grant: immigration, racism & depression Yuliana was born in South Korea but grew up in the United States as her parents decided to move there when she was a child in the hopes to live a better life. She takes us on a journey from South Korea to LA through Philadelphia and more. Passionate…

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JIP 091: Lisa Serrano

Lisa Serrano

Lisa Serrano: questioning life choices Lisa is a 19 year old French woman (although you wouldn’t know it from her beautiful English accent) with big dreams. Despite her young age, she is extremely mature and questions more about life than many “grown-ups”. She is studying speech therapy at university – and is a very good…

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JIP 090: Daryl Santos

Daryl Santos

Daryl Santos: Cuban childhood, coming out, modeling & entrepreneur life Daryl was Born in Cuba and spent the first 14 years of his life on the island. He shares with us his life as a child over there, going to school, connecting with nature, being at the farm, but also being a bit disconnected to…

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JIP 088: John Marshall

John Marshall

John Marshall: Emmy Awards winner now helps orphans in India John is a 9 time Emmy Awards winner who uses his creativity and storytelling skills to help orphan girls in India get an education. Here’s how it all happened. John starts off by telling us about his time as a screenwriter in Hollywood. He explains…

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JIP 086: Keith Johns

Keith Johns

Keith Johns: becoming a real musician Keith got introduced to music at a young age when his dad used to play the guitar for him. He later learned how to play the trumpet and was in a band at school. He experimented with different styles of music until he decided he wanted to sing and…

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JIP 085: Hugo Healy

Hugo Healy

Hugo Healy: aspiring actor turns award winning drone videographer Hugo is from Brighton in the south of England and is a professional drone operator, videographer and photographer. One of his biggest achievements was being a videographer for an MTV Video Music Awards and Grammy Awards winner music video! Hugo originally wanted to go to acting school,…

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JIP 081: Techn0yogi

Techn0yogi: bodybuilder, kandi kid & DJ Rob – aka Techn0yogi – starts off by talking to us about the time in his life when he was competing in body building. He talks about all the sacrifices and discipline required for it including the food he ate and how far he got with the competitions. After…

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JIP 072: Séfora Chavarria

Sefora Chavarria

Séfora Chavarria: exploring nature as a child & designing tropical landscapes When we met Séfora for the 1st time, she was dressed as a fairy. So we start today’s episode with talking about self-expressing, the importance of being your authentic self and breaking the societal norms. Séfora then shares with us about growing up in…

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JIP 069: Fabio Galarce

Fabio Galarce

Fabio Galarce: the secret life of a DJ Fabio is one half of the DJ sensation Dude Skywalker. He was born & raised in Miami and went to Florida State University to study business but chose this school in particular for the party scene. Whilst there, he really got into music and started to learn how to…

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JIP 068: Vanessa Arias

Vanessa Arias

Vanessa Arias: photographer’s journey from Venezuela to Hawaii Vanessa tells us about growing up in Venezuela and her childhood dreams of becoming a diplomat. She shares with us how much of a difficult decision it was to leave her family behind but after getting a green card through the Diversity Visa program and moving to…

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