JIP 049: Lawrence Mansell

Lawrence Mansell

Lawrence Mansell: leaving everything behind to pursue a dream life Lawrence’s life was going as planned… he went to college, started his own business, worked hard for years… he was checking all the boxes. But he wasn’t happy. He eventually found the courage to say stop. He sold his company and used some of the…

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JIP 046: Special, We are leaving Miami

Rosie and Jeremie

Special: we are leaving Miami! Big life update… in a few months we will be leaving Miami! It’s going to be the beginning of a brand new chapter in our lives… and we are super excited to share it with you! You can also watch this episode on Rosie’s YouTube channel: Rosie’s YouTube channel Follow…

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JIP 040: Cindy Makita

Cindy Makita

Cindy Makita: from South Africa to entrepreneur empowering women in Miami Cindy is a badass superwoman! Born in South Africa with Congolese origins, she moved to Miami when she was 19 years old. Cindy is, amongst other things, a model, career coach, women empowerment advocate and speaker. She recently took a leap of faith and…

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JIP 030: Elena Buenrostro

Elena Buenrostro

Elena Buenrostro: on a mission to empower women with drone technology Elena is the founder of Women Who Drone which is a community of women drone pilots all around the world. She talks to us about her career in the TV industry as a producer and how she turned her passion for drone photography into…

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JIP 028: Cathrin Manning

Cathrin Manning

Cathrin Manning: a YouTube success story Cathrin Manning is an amazing YouTube content creator who talks to us about starting YouTube as a business, how she started & progressed to now having over 200k subscribers, but also the pressures of being self-employed and judged (because let’s admit it, being a YouTuber is not considered a…

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JIP 025: Pablo Corredor

Pablo Corredor

Pablo Corredor: a Sprightful & optimistic human being In this new episode, Pablo takes us through his journey from growing up in Colombia to his new life in Miami. He shares how he randomly stumbled into solar energy and turned a university project into a company! His goal is to re-create the “wow-moment” he had…

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JIP 021: Ellina Sukharenko

Ellina Sukharenko

Ellina Sukharenko: from an unfulfilling corporate job to a dream life in Miami Ellina is originally from Belarus but moved to the US when she was 4. She talks to us about how she moved to Miami and created her dream life. She explains about feeling unfulfilled and unhappy with her cooperate job after climbing…

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JIP 020: Boyan Ortse

Boyan Ortse

Boyan Ortse: traveling the world as a videographer Since Jeremie got hooked on drone photography in 2019, he always looks on Instagram for inspiration to improve his work. Boyan’s account was one of the first he found. His drone photographs are incredible. However, Jeremie realized after a while that he wasn’t just a drone photographer,…

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JIP 015: Abraham Casallas

Abraham Casallas

Abraham Casallas: from college drop out to successful entrepreneur Abraham decided to drop out of college in his final year to pursue his passion: entrepreneurship. In this episode, Abraham shares his journey with us: how he realized during high school & college that being an employee was not for him, and how he took a…

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JIP 012: Sam Lister

Sam Lister

Sam Lister: 20 years-old, entrepreneur and ready to make an impact Sam decided to not go to college and started to document his journey into entrepreneurship at 18 years-old. A few months later, he created his own digital marketing company. Sam is driven by passion & connections. His ultimate goal is to create his own…

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