JIP 127: Thomas Constant

Thomas Constant

Thomas Constant: is eating insects the future of food? Thomas has the ambition to revolutionize the pet food industry by offering an alternative, sustainable solution to feed your pets: home grown bugs! Thomas is the founder of The Bug Factory. They offer a kit which allows you to create your self-sustainable source of protein for…

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JIP 126: Jordan Stanley

Jordan Stanley: his experience with first stage psychosis Content warning – this episode discusses suicidal feelings If the last couple of years taught us something, it’s that mental health affects all of us. In this episode, Jordan opens up about the mental health challenges he has been facing recently. A few years ago, Jordan started to…

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JIP 125: Gina Knight

Gina Knight: her life with alopecia Gina Atinuke Knight is a British entrepreneur, model, content creator and alopecia advocate. After years of working in the beauty & hair industry, she discovered she had a form of alopecia, CCCA (Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia). But before talking about that in detail, Gina starts by sharing about her…

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JIP 124: Eko Brewery

Eko Brewery: meet the founders Anthony & Helena Adedipe Anthony & Helena are the founders of Eko Brewery, a brewery based in England creating African-inspired craft beers. Anthony & Helena both share where their respective interests for beers come from, and how a hobby for crafty beers eventually evolved into a passion and slowly became…

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JIP 121: Eleanor Watkins

Eleanor Watkins

Eleanor Watkins: becoming chef In today’s episode, we welcome our sister-in-law Eleanor. Eleanor is a chef based in Surrey (England) near London, founder of Educated Cooking. Eleanor is from Louisville, Kentucky in the United States. She starts by sharing with us about her upbringing: growing up in a privileged family, taking up horse riding &…

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JIP 119: Nasser aka Mister Fuji

Mister Fuji Pokemon

Nasser aka Mister Fuji:  the Pokemon collector Nasser is a famous collector in the Pokemon world, also known as Mister Fuji. Like many kids on the planet, Nasser fell in love with Pokemon as a child in 1999 when the 1st game was released on the Game Boy. On top of playing the video game,…

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JIP 114: Special, 1 year of becoming digital nomads

Special: 1 year of entrepreneurship & nomadism On May 1st 2021, we left Miami, our jobs, our friends and most of our belongings to start a new chapter of our lives: becoming digital nomads to travel the world while working on our online projects/businesses. We worked hard to save enough money to be able to…

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JIP 112: Alejandra Hernandez


Alejandra Hernandez: the reality of entrepreneurship Alejandra is back on the show to share about the start of her entrepreneurial journey. Last time we chatted, she had a full time job working as a career advisor. A few months later, after going for a Ayahuasca retreat at the end of 2020, she decided to take…

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JIP 107: Kirill Ignatieff

Kirill Ignatieff

Kirill Ignatieff: bridging the gap between Technology & Spirituality Kirill is a super interesting guy with an amazing mindset and high-level of awareness, which was clear throughout the whole conversation. Kirill was born in Belarus and grew up with good education but experienced the effects of the Cold War including rationed foods. It was during…

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JIP 103: Oliver Collinson

Oliver Collinson

Oliver Collinson: focusing on what makes you happy In today’s episode we welcome Oliver, aka Olly aka Rosie’s little brother! We kick off the conversation talking about his childhood, and how growing up with a lot of freedom and values such as “do what makes you happy” from a young age impacted his mindset and…

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