JIP 117: Shawn J. Moore

Shawn J. Moore, The Mindful Rebel

Shawn J. Moore: bringing mindfulness to underserved communities Shawn is a meditation teacher, reiki & sound healer, yoga teacher and all around Mindful Rebel. Shawn started meditation when he was teenagers, back when meditation wasn’t really a cool things or a buzz word. He was part of the “weird” crowd of people who meditated and…

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JIP 116: Emilía Garth

Emilía Garth: living a authentic life through music Emilía is a very talented singer, songwriter, but also yoga teacher, meditation facilitator & much more. As she tells us, the more facets a diamond has, the more value it holds… the same can be said for human beings… being a multifaceted person is not a bad…

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JIP 115: Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

Danié Gómez-Ortigoza: journey of a braid Danié is a Mexican artist currently living in Texas who shares with us the reasons she braids other people’s hair and creates art around this simple practice. It all started as a child when her nanny would braid her hair for special occasions. Since then, she has continued to…

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JIP 114: Special, 1 year of becoming digital nomads

Special: 1 year of entrepreneurship & nomadism On May 1st 2021, we left Miami, our jobs, our friends and most of our belongings to start a new chapter of our lives: becoming digital nomads to travel the world while working on our online projects/businesses. We worked hard to save enough money to be able to…

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JIP 113: Tyler Schmitt

Tyler Schmitt

Tyler Schmitt: the power of saying yes and showing up Tyler, 30 years-old, is the General Manager of ONE37pm, a digital media brand creating content about culture, style, music, and sports, all through the lens of entrepreneurship. Before that, Tyler worked for VaynerMedia as, among other positions, community manager, assistant to AJ Vaynerchuk then Gary…

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JIP 112: Alejandra Hernandez


Alejandra Hernandez: the reality of entrepreneurship Alejandra is back on the show to share about the start of her entrepreneurial journey. Last time we chatted, she had a full time job working as a career advisor. A few months later, after going for a Ayahuasca retreat at the end of 2020, she decided to take…

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JIP 111: Nelson Rodriguez

Nelson Rodriguez Jr.

Nelson Rodriguez: Montana Method, The Scarface Playbook If you’re wondering how the story of a Cuban immigrant who becomes a drug lord inspired Nelson in his personal & entrepreneurial life, this episode will shine some light on that for you. Nelson watched the movie Scarface with Al Pacino countless times when he was young. Little…

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JIP 110: Alana Ashley

Alana Ashley

Alana Ashley: how challenges can lead to success We could resume this episode by saying “whatever life throws at you, don’t give up, keep going”. Alana starts by sharing about her childhood, growing up in an unstable environment with her parents separated and moving places quite a lot… even living in a shelter at some…

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JIP 109: Rodrigo Souza

Rodrigo Souza

Rodrigo Souza: adapting to life in a wheelchair Rodrigo was born and raised in Brazil by a free-spirited mother. From a young age, core values such as gratitude and kindness were taught to him along with a sense of curiosity and adventure due to many house moves. At 22 years-old, Rodrigo decided he wanted to…

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JIP 108: Yariela Sequeira

Yariela Sequeira

Yariela Sequeira: normalizing therapy & mental health Yari is a licensed mental health counselor, or as she like to call herself an “outside the box licensed mental health counselor” to be precise. Yari wants to democratize a different approach to “traditional” therapy, a more human & holistic approach centered around connection, communication and love. She…

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