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Our story started in 2010 when we first met in Sydney, Australia. We got married 5 years later and currently live in Miami, Florida.

Our love of traveling is something that brought us together and meeting people from different countries, backgrounds, religions, etc is something that we both enjoy too.

The idea for the podcast started in 2018 when we were talking about some of the interesting people we had met during our travels and how amazing it would have been to record them and be able to share those conversations with other people. And that's how the Just Interesting People podcast was born.

It sat on the shelf, collecting dust, for a couple of years until in February 2020, Jérémie came home one day and said "do you remember that idea we had about starting a podcast called Just Interesting People.. well, WE'RE DOING IT"

And so then we officially started the podcast! We recorded some episodes and I guess the rest is history.

This podcast is a place for people to share their unique and interesting stories, to have a platform to talk and be vulnerable with us. And it's also a place for people to come and listen to other people's experiences and hopefully learn some lessons along the way.

It started as something fun to try and has now become our passion. We love it so much and we hope you enjoy listening too!

Rosie & Jérémie

Rosie & Jeremie

Rosie André

Jérémie André

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